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What are cookies

A cookie is a very small text file that is automatically save on your device. The information the cookie contains is used whenever You visit our site. It is used to record information about how you have used our website and what type of information you have searched for. The text file is read only by this website, so no one can access this information. This text file is not harmful, cannot contain virus or program code, and cannot be associated with a specific person or IP address. For more information visit

How are cookies used

Cookies are used to collect analytic data and to recognize your device in order to personalize and improve your browsing experience.

Session cookies – They are used to assign a unique identification number for your computer every time you visit our site. Session cookies are deleted after closing the browser. They are used to maintain the functionality of our site.

Persistent cookies – With your consent, we use persistent cookies that are not deleted immediately after closing the web browser but are saved on the device for a certain period of time or until you delete them. Every time you visit our site, our web server recognizes persistent cookies stored in your device. Using them we assign to your device a unique identifier and create a database of your actions and preferences.

Types of cookies used on website:

Strictly necessary cookies – These Cookies are needed to enable you to use our website and its features, such as accessing secure areas.

Performance cookies – These cookies collect information about usage of the website, such as which pages are used the most and whether visitors receive error messages. Performance cookies do not collect information that identifies the visitor.

Functionality cookies – These cookies allow our website to remember visitors choices (name, language, region) and offer better personalized options. The information collected by these cookies may be anonymised and these cookies cannot track your browsing activity on other websites.

Targeting and Advertising cookies - These cookies are used to send advertising that is most appropriate to your interests. Targeting and Advertising cookies are also used to limit the number of times you see a specific ad. They are also used to help to evaluate the effectiveness of an ad campaign.

Agreement to cookies

By continuing to use website You agree that:

- We collect information about your use of this website, such as how often you visit it and which pages you visit. It is not possible to link the stored information to any specific person;

- We keep records of which web browser and technical support is used when visiting our website;

- We personalize the site and its content based on the information we received since your last visit.

The information on our website collected using cookies may also be used to show certain ads when you visit other websites on the Internet.

How to stop receiving cookies

If you do not want cookies stored on your device, you can check "Never accept cookies" in your web browser security settings. This will not save the cookies on the website, but it is possible that the functions of the website may not work properly.

You can also change your browser settings so that every time a website tries to set a cookie, you will be warned and can decide for each cookie whether to accept or reject it.

More information on interest-based targeted advertising is available at

We inform that we do not bear responsibility for inconveniences caused by improper operation of our services due to disabling or deleting cookies.

There are some web outsourcing services that use cookies on our website:

Google Analytics
It is a website usage analysis tool that collects data on website usage patterns. Information such as the hardware and software used to visit the site, the pages visited, and the duration of the user's visit are stored.

Google Tag Manager
It is a effective scripting tool that makes sure that the user's website loads the website quickly.

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